The night before the 10-day juice feast….gearing up!

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April 8, 2012 by theoghartiens

I’ve been talking about this for awhile now. Generally speaking, we’ve been ready for a change for months, but I had no idea this was the direction we were going to go.

A few months ago, a friend of mine on Facebook made a post about doing a juice fast. I had never heard of such a thing. Then, a few days later, my husband told me about a “juicing” movie one of his friends said we should watch. Then, within the next week, yet *another* friend mentioned the movie Food, Inc. in a random conversation. I wasn’t really that interested at first, but after hearing about these things from several different people, a seed was planted. One night I was looking through the documentaries on Netflix and came across Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 90 minutes later, I was totally inspired! Two days later, I watched Food, Inc. and that REALLY put me over the edge. I was convinced – time for a change! A BIG CHANGE!

That was in February of this year. I cleaned out the pantry and fridge and did a quick 7-day “reboot” (4 days of all raw foods and 3-day fast) and have tried to stay 75-80% raw since then. Prior to the reboot, I was a HUGE sugar addict – like *majorly* run-to-the-store-at-10pm-for-chocolate kind of addicted. I had put on 20 pounds in about a year – all from eating the SAD (standard American diet), getting very little exercise, and basically just treating my body like it would last forever. Well, no more! I was ready to get past my addition to foods that made me feel bad.

Let me just say – the reboot changed my life. By the second day of juicing and eating raw, my sugar cravings disappeared. My irritability and mood swings were gone. My menstrual cycle came and went without the mind-numbing cramps I normally experienced. I had a TON of energy, and wanted to move my body, to clean, to exercise, to declutter.  I was feeling SEXY! However, by the third day of the juice fast, I was feeling pretty desperate to “eat” something. Anything! Just to put something in my mouth and chew – I couldn’t go any longer without that chewing! So I told myself three days was good enough, and celebrated with a raw salsa and organic homemade corn chips. Not the best way to come off of a fast, but let me tell you – it was the MOST INCREDIBLE SALSA AND CHIPS I HAD EVER EATEN! And I’m from Texas, so that is saying a lot! Lol….I digress…

I came off the fast after three days, and have been able to stick with a 75-80% raw diet since then. My goal was to maintain a vegan diet, but I have had some cheese (I do love my mozzarella!) and I went through a whole week where I was craving eggs and eating them every single day. This time around, though, I’m working with a nutritionist, and hoping to ditch the foods that make me feel bad. The more raw food I eat, the more I feel like this is the way I am supposed to be living. When I eat cooked or processed foods (bread, oy!), I instantly get bloated and feel lethargic. It IS hard to give up sautéed veggies – one of my all time favorites – but as my body changes, so do my taste buds, and I am enjoying more and more foods 100% raw. Now to get off that bread and cheese…that will be the challenge!

Soooooo….tomorrow is the big day. I’m going for the 10-day all juice cleanse. It feels like a big undertaking, but I’m excited and feel ready. Trying to get a little more motivation tonight by reading some posts from other people and getting ideas for my own inspiration. I’ve been juicing and making fresh smoothies everyday for the past two months, but that last cleanse was tough, so I’m trying to get a little more prepared to take this all the way. Cooking for the kids adds an extra level of difficulty, but I know I can do it.

Here are my fasting goals:

1) Better emotional health

2) Improved physical health

3) Better colon health through colonics and enemas

4) Set an example for the people around me, most importantly, my family


Here are my daily goals:

1) Journal or blog daily, include photos when possible

2) Be persistent in spite of difficulty, opposition or discouragement.

3) Talk to other people who are fasting

4) Avoid toxic environments and people

5) Listen to 30 minutes of music everyday

6) Ride my bike or walk the dogs everyday

7) Turn off electronics during meals

8) Stretch and meditate daily

I will need to revisit these goals daily – probably several times a day, in fact – and will write about each one as the fast progresses.

For now, time to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day!

Here’s to being your best self, everyday!


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