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April 10, 2012 by theoghartiens

I wasn’t sure how this day was going to go. I woke up feeling tired and dehydrated. My fault for staying up so late last night, but it’s hard to get all the things done during the day sometimes (with the kids being out of school, especially), so I was up until about 1am. I did manage to get ALL my fruit and veggies prepped and ready for the next few days, so I felt like it was a productive night. Anyway, after hitting the snooze button twice, I finally got up, brushed my teeth, drank two glasses of water, then went about the morning, getting kids ready for school, etc.

Last night I opened a raw coconut and saved the meat and juice for a smoothie today. Pineapple with core, coconut water and meat from one coconut, a few strawberries, two handfuls of spinach, 2 tablespoons raw cacoa powder, 2 teaspoons spirulina, 2 tablespoons hemp protein powder and a 1/2 dropper of vanilla Stevia. It was good! I’m so a “throw everything in and see how it comes out” kind of person. šŸ™‚ Threw that all in the Vita mix and voila! Smoothie awesomeness. Maybe a little overkill, but this is the smoothie my husband will drink all day, and I want him to be full and satisfied.

Next was the juice – I made the “hormone balance” juice today (from the recipe guide). I was a little skeptical with the beet and radish tops, along with 3 radishes (!), but it was very enjoyable!

Once my juice and smoothies were made, I felt like I needed more sleep. At first I was feeling guilty for resting and not getting chores done, but I really did not have any energy! My son is in preschool until 10:30, so I laid down for an hour. I swear, as soon as I stretched out in the bed, I knew I was doing the right thing! I woke up feeling a lot better, drank another two glasses of water, took a 20 minute bike ride with my dog (hard to leave him at home, he does love his exercise!), and drank down my juice when I got home. I also had some delicious chia pudding that I made last night (which is absolutely one of my favorite things in this world, lol!) and I felt really good!

Lunch was the tomato bisque from last night. Warmed it in a bowl of hot water, and drank down the last of my hormone balancer juice with 1 cup of Yerba matte tea mixed in. I love my Yerba matte! Had a session at noon, and felt like I was buzzing with energy. Came home to get my son down for a nap, and couldn’t wait to get to the computer to post an update and read about what is going on with other people.

Now I’m enjoying my “savory green” soup and a tall glass of ice cold water and working on my menu for tomorrow. The detox effects have been light today, and I am trying very hard to listen to what my body is telling me it needs. So far, it’s been water, water and more water.

OHHHHH, speaking of detox! I scheduled my very-first-ever-in-life COLONIC! I wanted to do it tomorrow, but I couldn’t get there at the time they had available, so Friday it is. I’m actually REALLY excited about the colonic. I haven’t been getting the same “cleansing” effect with this fast as I did with my first one, so I am assuming my colon needs a little help. šŸ™‚ Don’t worry colon, my hydrotherapist said you will thank her later. Haha!

Here are my goals for the rest of the day:


2) Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this afternoon.

3) Don’t forget that soothing bath tonight – even if you don’t feel like “taking the time” – DO IT ANYWAY!

4) Get to sleep before midnight. Seriously. Maybe even by 11pm.

I sincerely hope everyone else is enjoying their f(e)ast – I’m really pleasantly surprised at how different this experience has been from my last one. A little practice with a variety of recipes does make a huge difference! I’m looking forward to each day and the new experiences they bring.

Now, it’s time to go out there and LIVE!!! šŸ™‚


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