I need a pep talk!

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April 13, 2012 by theoghartiens

Ugh. Man, the mornings have been rough for me. I just cannot seem to get enough sleep, and my body is letting me know about it. 😦  I was standing over the sink this morning washing out my juicer when I literally could feel my whole body sag. My brain very loudly said ‘GO LAY DOWN!!’ So I did. Spent 20 minutes going through emails (on my phone) and listening to my husband talk about work stuff, and I felt a little better after that.

I usually hit my stride around mid-afternoon, but it’s tough getting through the first few hours of the day. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m on the juice cleanse, so I usually have 16 ounces of water upon waking, then a fruit juice around 8a  (grapefruit/orange today) and a green smoothie around 10a. Lots of water in between. I just feel soooo sluggish today. 😦

On the bright side, I’m getting my first-ever colonic today with Healing Waters in Austin. I’m nervous, but anxious to get this crap (pun intended) out of my body. I know it might be TMI, but I haven’t really felt the effects of this cleanse the way I was expecting, so I’m happy to have some professional “help” in that area. Hopefully I will feel a little better – maybe a few pounds lighter – after this first colonic!

I sending up positive thoughts for everyone on this Friday, day FIVE. I include myself in those thoughts….very important! It will get better!!!!


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