Day six, already!

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April 14, 2012 by theoghartiens

Saturday has been pretty good. I feel very strong!

I’ll admit, yesterday was rough. I had my first-ever colonic in the morning, and felt tired and cold the rest of the day. All I wanted was a warm cup of veggie broth! I debated with myself for about an hour, googled some YouTube videos on “raw broth,” (there is no such thing, apparently, lol!), but in the end, I decided I would listen to my body and eat the broth. I can honestly say it was the best broth I’ve ever “eaten” in my LIFE! Haha…My whole family goes to this awesome little Pho place here in Austin, and while everyone else ate meat, noodles and rice, I had a bowl of veggie broth with just a few leaves of cilantro and lime. I took my own organic soup mix (you should know about this stuff!) and just asked for a large cup of hot water! I got a funny look from the cashier, but I told him I was on a special diet and he gave me what I asked for. 😉 I Also evened it out with a coconut water on ice. I think my electrolytes were out of balance, because as soon as I finished this meal, I felt 100% better. It was heavenly!

Today was the Farmer’s Market. It was tough to walk by all those samples – especially the fresh produce – but I held out. My weakness are the seasonal organic veggie tamales from a company called The Gardeners Feast – but I just kept walking! I could smell the fresh strawberries from at least 10 feet away! I ended up with a bag of juicing carrots, some fresh spinach and FOUR POUNDS of organic raw honey for $6/pound! Round Rock Honey – FTW!

Something amazing happened this afternoon – my daughter asked me to make her some salsa. My weakness! I was feeling that crazy urge to eat “real” food, and I went so far as to slice up some zucchini. I had it fanned out on my plate with a bowl of my salsa in the middle. As much as I miss the sensation of eating crunchy food, I PUT THE ZUCCHINI AWAY! I gave myself a nice pep talk and looked through my affirmations, added 1/2 a bell pepper and an avocado to my salsa and blended it up in the Vitamix, then ate it with a spoon like soup. It was delicious. 🙂

I’m so proud of myself! I have made it more than halfway through this thing. And I’m really starting to notice a difference in a couple of areas. My skin is smoother, softer and much more hydrated. This rash I’ve had on my upper arms (like eczema) is nearly gone! I’ve had this rash for about 13 years! My energy levels are stabilizing a little, which is great. I made a warm Yerba mate tea with hemp milk and my fresh honey and sipped it while my daughter ate her chips and fresh (raw) salsa. It just felt great to know that I could overcome those strong urges to eat. And I’m also NOT craving any “junk food” at this point, which is just amazing.

I continue to read and watch videos for inspiration. There is so much on this website that I haven’t even seen yet! I could spend a whole day going though posts, recipes and videos. I can’t believe there are only four more days to go. 🙂  I’ll be nommin’ on some amazing raw foods! I can’t wait!!

Happy Saturday to all!


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